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Businesses are being targeted by nation-states, sophisticated criminal groups, and unscrupulous competitors. While millions have been spent on cyber defense – that isn’t enough.

The most advanced cyber defense is vulnerable to both witting and unwitting insiders to an astonishing degree. One person inside a business can circumvent almost any security system.

Trenchcoat safeguards your employees and prevents insiders. We assess your level of risk and identify your vulnerabilities. Our experts help resolve incidents and provide tailored recommendations to strengthen your defenses and protect your competitive advantage.


We provide a wide array of advisory services. Our assessments identify both your level of
risk and vulnerability. We help you resolve incidents and strengthen your defenses. And we deliver
tailored advice to safeguard your employees and guide your operations globally in today’s chaotic environment.



With over 40 years of collective global experience, the founders of Trenchcoat, both attorneys, are the leading experts in defending companies from nation-state risks. Bill led the Counterintelligence Division of the FBI. Holden led the FBI Office in China and served as the deputy head in Russia. He also served as the Director for Counterintelligence at the National Security Council, the White House.

Trenchcoat provides unrivaled perspective, understanding and guidance.

Bill Priestap

Bill Priestap

Meet Bill Priestap
Holden Triplett

Holden Triplett

Meet Holden Triplett




  1. A jacket worn by British soldiers in WWI to protect them from the horrible conditions of the trenches
  2. A new kind of advisory firm that protects businesses from nation-state and similar risk
When introduced, trench coats were said to be emblematic of a moment in history when the whole world was in upheaval. The world is experiencing similar upheaval today.
We’ve sat across the table from the very people who want to harm businesses. And, we understand how to thwart them. We created Trenchcoat to guide businesses through this increasingly chaotic landscape by helping them better understand and defend against the risks they face.

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