Thwarting Human-Driven Risks with Human-Driven Solutions

Trenchcoat helps businesses navigate today’s most pressing security challenge, human-driven risk.

Human-driven risk is a rapidly growing vulnerability for businesses today.

Global threat actors, many with the backing and sophistication of nation-states, are increasingly targeting private industry – for financial gains, to sabotage for geopolitical goals, and to cultivate economic, social, and political influence. Today’s security threats (whether physical, cyber, or insider) all share the same root cause – unscrupulous people.

This perilous environment makes understanding the human factor in security risks even more urgent. Ensuring effective and sustainable risk management is the responsibility of every business. Recent research indicates most businesses are inadequately prepared to manage human-driven risks, and governments don’t have the resources to provide protection across the board. Businesses of all sizes have been victims, from major corporations to mid-market companies and start-ups.

Trenchcoat is the preeminent human-driven risk advisory firm. We look at risk holistically and focus on the role that humans play in creating and responding to it.

Trenchcoat brings multidisciplinary experience from the FBI, the National Security Council, the military, and the private sector to identify and mitigate the most impactful security risks facing businesses. Our proven experience and global relationships uniquely qualify us to advise corporations when unscrupulous people pose the biggest threat.

We have served as trusted advisors to all kinds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, professional sports teams, foreign governments, and global law firms, bringing custom solutions to their most pressing concerns.

Thwarting Human-Driven Risks with Human-Driven Solutions

What We Do

Who We Are

Trenchcoat is the preeminent human-driven risk advisory firm. Our team has worked at the highest levels of government and business, pioneering risk-management strategies and responding to crisis incidents. We provide unrivaled perspective, understanding, and guidance.

Trenchcoat’s multidisciplinary experience makes us uniquely qualified to respond to unscrupulous nation-states and other threat actors who are increasingly targeting private industry.

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